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School Schedule

Arrival and Dismissal Procedures

Drop off and Bus times are staggered. 


Drop Offs/Walkers     8:30
Buses    8:50


Pick Ups/Walkers     12:35
Buses 12:55


Beginning at 8:30am, pick-ups will be dropped off at the back doors.  Staff are instructed not to assist students out of the car. Students will enter and walk down to their classroom. Hallways are marked to ensure social distancing.  Staff will be assigned areas throughout the hallway to monitor students as they walk to their classrooms. 


Beginning at 8:50am, buses will be dropped off at the library doorway.
Buses will be dismissed from front to back. Buses are instructed to have K/1 students in the front of the bus.
Upon entry, students will enter and walk directly down to their classroom. Hallways are marked to ensure social distancing. 

Dismissal Procedures

Pick-Up Students will be dismissed at 12:35pm to the cafeteria hallway. They will stand on marked lines (6ft apart) with masks on. Siblings can stand together.

Buses will be dismissed one by one beginning at 12:55.  Students will exit the door they came in.  Bus drivers will take attendance once all students are on the bus.